Digital signage made easy

Replay makes it easy for you to design and manage digital signage

"Replay runs on a daily basis adding great value to ourselves and our visitors. The infoscreens have saved our reception a lot of time on answering questions and helping visitors find their way."
Morten Magni
DGI Huset Vejle

From SharePoint straight to your digital signage

Replay makes it easy to publish content from your SharePoint intranet to your digital signage.

As intranet manager you can gain more readers and ensure that your internal news get a wider reach. Its the ideal way to communicate with deskless workers.

Strengthen your communication

Digital signage with Replay is the tool you need to complete your communication strategy. Use Replay to reach stakeholders like employees, daily visitors and customers.

Replay is easy to use and set up on one or more screens. Use Replay to reach your audience with news, campaigns, digital maps and so much more. Present your content in a comprehensive and engaging manner.

Guide your visitors

Make it easy for your day to day visitors to know where to go. Whether you run an activity centre or an office, a digital board can show your visitors where they need to go. This saves time and energy for them as well as your receptionists. 

Provide real-time information and updates to current schedules, events and news.

Direct your visitors and enhance wayfinding with interactive maps and directions.

Promote your products

Digital signage makes it easy to put your products in the spotlight. Highlight a new one every day or every hour. When people visit your store or office, they’ll see what you have to offer in just one look. 

With digital signage by Replay you can easily update and change your displays in real-time, ensuring fresh and relevant messaging. 

Grab your customers’ attention and drive sales with the use of interactive content like images and videos. 

Digital signage can help reduce the need for printed materials, saving you both time and resources.


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