Easy management of your digital signage

Digital signage with Microsoft Teams

Replay by IntraActive is an app inside of Microsoft Teams. This means that you can design, manage and publish all your digital signage from one place. It also means you don’t have to deal with third party apps, dificult sign-in procedures and the difficulty of adding new editors. If your organization has Microsoft 365, you can get started with Replay today. 

With Microsoft Teams on your phone, you can even manage all Replay screens on the go. Set up new content right in front of the screens and see it in action right away. 

Replay widgets

Widgets are the placeholders used to create and display content on Replay screens. With widgets you can add a wide variety of content, from external news feeds to embedded dashboards and much more. Have a look at all of our exciting widgets and the opportunities they give you to share the content of your choice. 


Sharepoint News

Replay and SharePoint work well together. With this widget you can display SharePoint news from your chosen SharePoint news feed, right on your Replay screens


With the RSS widget you can add an RSS feed to your Replay screens. This is the perfect way to show news from your corporate website

Use the Embed widget to embed pages inside of Replay. Embed makes it easy to share reports, dashboards and much more from a live page


The Replay YouTube widget plays YouTube videos seamlessly. Just add the video link and watch your film on the big screen


Share videos from Vimeo with the integrated Vimeo widget. Just add your video link


Use the Video widget if you want to display a video on your digital signage, to make engaging and vibrant content 


Publish articles and view them in the article rotator widget. When articles are published to an article rotator, the articles will rotate on the slide. Just add new articles to the rotator and they will be shown on the screen


With the Gallery widget you can add multiple images to a gallery. You can even add a QR-code that allows viewers to upload their own images to the gallery. Perfect for social activities


Use the Image widget to display images in Replay. You can upload your own or choose from a wide variety of readily available images


Show the current weather forecast on your digital signage. The weather feature shows the exact weather forecast for the next 5 days, based on the location of the screen.


Messages viewer

With the Messages viewer you can display messages from your IntraActive Intranet. Publish internal news to the intranet and share them directly to the available Replay screens


IntraActive Events

With IntraActive Events it’s easy to show events from your IntraActive Intranet on the infoscreens. This is the perfect feature for showing upcoming events and visitors 


Workplace from Meta

Show news from Workplace on your screens, with the integrated Workplace from Meta widget.


Power BI

Visualize your Power BI reports with our integration for Microsoft Power BI. You choose which work areas (reports) Replay should have access to.


Countdown to Christmas

Are you looking forward to Christmas Eve? Then display a Christmas light countdown to Christmas Eve with this widget.



Share posts from your Facebook page. Once the integration is created, the most recent postings will be displayed.



When the integration has been created for Relesys, it is possible to display news and calendar from the application on your screens.

"What I've really benefited from in my daily work is the ability to quickly change the content shown on different screens. It's easy to work with wether you're on mobile or computer."
Sabrina Petersen
Digital Marketing, DGI Huset Vejle


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