Terms for IntraActive Replay


“Replay” refers to IntraActive Replay.

“IntraActive” is a product suite developed by Fellowmind Denmark.

“The IntraActive team” and “We” is the product team in Fellowmind Denmark that is responsible for development of the IntraActive products.

“Fellowmind Denmark” has VAT number DK25790936

“Fellowmind Denmark” is part of “Fellowmind B.V”

“Fellowmind B.V” has VAT number NL814489886B01 and headquarters in Netherlands.

“Player” is an entity in Replay which usually represents a screen where content from Replay is being shown. However, for testing purposes, this could also simply be a browser window on a workstation.

“Replay Kiosk” is an app for Windows that is used to show content from Replay.

“You” and “customer” refers to the customer who chooses to add the Replay app from Teams Store.

About IntraActive Replay

IntraActive Replay is a digital signage product developed by the IntraActive team in Fellowmind Denmark that allows customers to configure content on screens through an app in Microsoft Teams.


This agreement is between Fellowmind Denmark and the company that uses Replay, a product of Fellowmind Denmark.

Fellowmind Denmark
Rosenørns Allé 1
1970 Frederiksberg C

By using Replay, you agree to this agreement on behalf of your company and confirm that you have the authority to do so.

The Replay app is provided as-is, without any guarantees or warranties of its features or functionality.

Fellowmind Denmark may change the terms and the agreement at any time. The latest terms are always available on the website. Fellowmind Denmark will notify customers of any changes that may affect them.

You accept the updated terms by continuing to use the Replay product after they are changed.

App Distribution

Replay is a Software-as-a-Service product that Fellowmind Denmark hosts in Microsoft Azure in Ireland.

You can install Replay as an app for Microsoft Teams from the Microsoft Teams Store.

To use Replay, you need to grant the app the required permissions. A Global Admin on your Microsoft tenant must do this after installation.

Player Distribution

Replay Kiosk is a software for Windows that IntraActive distributes through the Microsoft Store. It shows the content from Replay that is linked to a Player. You can download the software for free, but you need a license for each screen that runs it.

You can also use built-in browsers to set up players without using Replay Kiosk. Refer to the documentation for requirements to run Replay.


When you add Replay from the Teams Store, we save your company information, such as your email and phone number, in the Microsoft Partner Portal. We may use this to help you with Replay. You can ask us to delete this information and stop contacting you at any time.

You need to register your company information, including your VAT number, for invoicing when you add Player licenses.

By registering your company information, you agree to the terms of this agreement with Replay and confirm that you can do so on behalf of your company.

Please contact us if you need to change your contact details or other registration information.


You can use Replay for free for the first Player (screen) for 30 days. If you add more Players, you will be charged for each screen. After 30 days, you will be charged for all screens based on the current pricing. You can check the current pricing in the Replay app in Microsoft Teams under Account Settings.

The prices do not include VAT.


You will get an invoice for each Player every month. You can pay automatically with a credit card or manually with the invoice we send you by email.

If you need different payment terms, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

You are responsible for any payment fees, such as credit card fees, on top of the Replay license fees.


You can end your contract anytime by removing all your Players and setting your licensed Player count to 0 in the Replay app in Microsoft Teams. You will only pay for the current month when you terminate.

You can also ask us to terminate your contract for you.

We can terminate any contract and remove all Players without warning, especially if you do not pay or misuse the Replay app. We will give you a full refund for the current month if we terminate your contract for other reasons.


You can contact the IntraActive team for support on Replay. We will do our best to help you within 24 hours on working days, but we do not guarantee or promise any service level.

You can also make a deal with us for a service level agreement (SLA) for Replay support. Please contact us to talk about the terms and prices for this.

Uptime guarantee

We guarantee that Replay will be up and running 100% of the time.

If Replay is down, we will give you a 20% discount for every 1% of downtime in a month. If Replay is down more than 5% of the time, we will give you a 100% discount for that month. The discount will be on your next payment.

We will not give you more than a 100% discount for any month.

Limitations: We are only responsible for the uptime of Replay and its infrastructure. We are not responsible for downtime caused by other things. For example, we are not responsible for:

  • Downtime of Microsoft Teams 
  • Downtime of Microsoft 365 
  • Issues on a Player, such as hardware, operating system, player software, or network problems.

The IntraActive team will check each downtime event and decide if Replay was down or not.

Limitations of liability

Replay, IntraActive and Fellowmind are not responsible for any financial loss related to Replay, except as stated in the Uptime guarantee.

For example:

  • You must only let authorized users control the content on the players.
  • You must buy and use suitable hardware that can run the Players from Replay.
  • We are not responsible for any hardware problems or failures.
  • Replay does not back up your content and you may lose it. 
  • Loss of business opportunity or goodwill

If we are found to be liable by law or by agreement, we will not pay you more than what you paid us for Replay in the current month.

Data security and GDPR

Replay stores your data in Azure in North Europe (Ireland) and West Europe (Netherlands). Replay helps you follow the GDPR rules, but you must also comply with any other data security and protection laws that apply to you.

Besides the content you add to Replay in the Replay Teams App, we also record the usernames of the users who use the app. We also process and may store dynamic content in the players, such as data from RSS feeds.

You are the ‘data controller’ and Fellowmind Denmark is the ‘data processor’.

You can ask us to export your data from the database. We will charge you for the time it takes to do this.

We can delete your data if you do not pay.


The Replay Teams App, the Replay API and the Replay Kiosk App are updated continuously as needed in accordance with service of a SaaS product. We are only able to provide support when all software is fully updated.

The software is owned by Fellowmind Denmark and the customer retains a right to use the software through their subscription.


We may ask for your approval to use your company in a case study for marketing purposes on our website and to be distributed elsewhere on and off the internet.

We may choose to highlight any customer as a reference in internal and external marketing, but you are welcome to request at any time that we remove your company from the referral list.

Confidential Information

All content that you add to Replay is regarded as confidential information by us and will not be shared with anyone outside Fellowmind without your explicit consent.


Replay is a SaaS product and the service provided is a service and software. For your convenience, we sell hardware that we know is highly compatible with the Replay product. Any hardware you purchase from Replay belongs to you and it is unrelated to any subscription service for Replay.

Force Majeure

Fellowmind Denmark is not responsible for any issues arising from force majeure. Force majeure is defined as situations that arise beyond our control and that we could not have reasonably predicted.

This includes such things as natural disasters, war, floods, vandalism, epidemics and strikes.


If any of these terms are deemed to be invalid or unlawful in accordance with Danish law, then only the terms in question are affected and other terms are still applicable. If any such incompatibility between the terms and Danish law is discovered, we will update the terms as soon as possible.

These terms can be updated with reasonable notice.

The terms are governed by Danish law and disagreements that need to be handled by a court will be handled by courts in Frederiksberg which is the location of the headquarters of Fellowmind Denmark which is the legal entity that Replay belongs to.

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