Digital signage for Municipalities and public organizations

Use digital signage for reaching citizens and local residents

Enhance communication, engage your community, and revolutionize information sharing with IntraActive Replay. Here are some of the many benefits digital signage can bring to your community:

Seamless Information Dissemination

Say goodbye to outdated bulletin boards and static signs. Digital signage allows you to effortlessly share real-time updates, news, emergency alerts, and event announcements with your community. With eye-catching displays and dynamic content, you can instantly capture attention and ensure vital information reaches everyone in a timely manner.

Engage and Educate

Digital signage is a powerful tool for educating and engaging citizens. Use vibrant visuals, videos, and interactive elements to showcase public initiatives, highlight local achievements, promote community events, and raise awareness about important causes. With captivating content, you can foster a sense of pride, involvement, and active participation among residents.

Sustainability and Cost Efficiency

Digital signage is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional printed materials. By reducing paper waste and energy consumption, you contribute to a greener future while saving on printing and distribution costs. Digital signage is a long-term investment that guarantees efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings for your organization.

Wayfinding and Navigation

Helping citizens navigate public spaces has never been easier. Digital signage provides intuitive wayfinding solutions, ensuring visitors can easily find their way around your municipality. You can guide people to key landmarks, government offices, parking areas, and public facilities. Simplify navigation, enhance visitor experiences, and create a welcoming environment for all.

Revenue Generation

Digital signage offers excellent opportunities for revenue generation. Utilize advertising spaces on your digital displays to showcase local businesses, promote community partners, or share sponsored content. By leveraging these advertising capabilities, you can create valuable partnerships and boost local economic growth.

Centralized Management and Control

Effortlessly manage and control your digital signage network from a centralized platform all within Microsoft Teams. With a user-friendly and recognizable interface, you can easily schedule content, update information, and monitor displays remotely. Whether you have one location or multiple sites across your municipality, streamlined management ensures consistent messaging and effortless maintenance.

"We have a total of 90 screens and 19 more on the way, which can be found in assisted living facilities, in libraries, the town hall and the job center, in dental care and more. Our editors are happy with the ease of use in Replay. It is modern and easy to access, even for editors who are not so well versed on a computer."
Torben Stampe Henningsen
Communications Consultant, Hjørring Municipality

Digital Signage in Hjørring Municipality

Hjørring Municipality understand how to make use of digital signage to reach both citizens and employees.

The digital signage by Replay are used throughout Hjørring Municipality to guide citizens. This applies, for example, to the assisted living facilities, where visitors are met by a screen, which shows a list of residents and where they live. Visitors are easily guided to the person they need to visit, rather than having to find an employee. With the screens in use, both visitors and staff save valuable time, which can instead be spent on the elderly.

"It is really nice that Replay is available as an app in Teams, now that we in the organization have chosen to use Microsoft Teams as a collaboration tool. We are very happy that it is available from several different devices, so that you can easily design content for the screen, regardless of whether you are using an iPad, mobile or desktop."
Daniel Rask Christensen
Department Manager, Hjørring Municipality

Digital Signage for events

Hjørring Municipality uses digital signage to promote upcoming local events but also at the events themselves. Every year Hjørring hosts the popular Nature Meeting attended by 30,000 people and spanning 3 days. In 2023 they used digital signage throughout the venue to promote speaches and activities, highlight sponsors and guide visitors around the outdoor venue. They even used giant pylon screens, the kind used in concerts. 

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