Article Rotator

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Article Rotator

All the features you need


The management-module gives you the current status of all screens and you can connect new screens.

Control your playlists

With playlists you can control the order of slides. Imagine Spotify, just with infoscreens.

Target content

All content can be targeted and fits with the audience of a given infoscreen or location.

Design the layout

Define the content-layout of your slides. You can publish content in full-screen-mode, or two or more areas.

Integration to SharePoint

Republish news-articles from your SharePoint-intranet or IntraActive Intranet to your infoscreens. You only need to create your content once.

Many types of content

Replay offers many types of content - videos, picture-gallery, RSS-feed, weather-feed and many more.


IntraActive Replay comes with different widgets you can use when you design your slides. The widgets empower you to control how you want your different content elements to be presented. You can even see a real-time preview.


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