Digital signage made easy

A user friendly system for digital signage

Strengthen your communication

Digital signage with Replay is the tool you need to complete your communication strategy. Use Replay to reach stakeholders like employees, daily visitors and customers.

Replay is easy to use and set up on one or more screens. Use Replay to reach your audience with news, campaigns, digital maps and so much more. Present your content in a comprehensive and engaging manner.

Promote your products

Digital signage makes it easy to put your products in the spotlight. Highlight a new one every day or every hour. When people visit your store or office, they’ll see what you have to offer in just one look. 

With digital signage by Replay you can easily update and change your displays in real-time, ensuring fresh and relevant messaging. 

Grab your customers’ attention and drive sales with the use of interactive content like images and videos. 

Digital signage can help reduce the need for printed materials, saving you both time and resources. 

Guide your visitors

Make it easy for your day to day visitors to know where to go. Whether you run an activity centre or an office, a digital board can show your visitors where they need to go. This saves time and energy for them as well as your receptionists. 

Provide real-time information and updates to current schedules, events and news.

Direct your visitors and enhance wayfinding with interactive maps and directions.

Display your news

Don’t let your internal news dust away in send to all emails or on the intranet. Put them front and center by promoting them on screens by the coffee stations, in the warehouse and wherever else your colleagues are sure to see them.

Digital signage allows you to quickly and easily communicate with your employees with always up-to-date messaging. 

Replay is a powerful tool for internal communications, because it allows you to display your news in a visually engaging and interactive way. 

Share important information with your employees and customers, and make changes on the go with the mobile app. 

Celebrate your successes

When organizations reach a certain size it can be hard for everyone to keep up with the going ons in the company. By announcing your successes on the big screen, everyone can join in the celebration. 

Showcase the achievements of your company and your employees on digital signage for all to see: Customers, coworkers and other stakeholders. 

This helps build a sense of pride and unity and strengthens your corporate identity.

When you showcase your successes on digital signage you prove that your company is open and willing to share information about its performance and you show that you’re proud of your employees and their achievements. 

Improve your image

When you use digital signage to display news stories, promote products and celebrate corporate success stories it helps to improve the overall reputation and image of your company, serving as a way to attract new customers and new talent. 

When your visitors walk past your digital displays and see them from their seat in the waiting room, you have the perfect opportunity to share the messages that shines the brightest light on your organization. 

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