Data Residency in IntraActive Replay

IntraActive Replay is a digital signage product managed by Microsoft Teams and is designed to display internal and external news and other relevant information.

IntraActive Replay consists of the following components:

  • Azure (Platform): Contains data and supports functionality
  • Microsoft Teams (User interfaces): Client-side app only, does not contain data
  • Kiosk App (Devices): Displays content on a screen, does not contain data
  • Integration to SharePoint page or list data

Architecture schema

Figure: The architecture of the IntraActive Replay App  

IntraActive Replay uses Azure in North Europe (Ireland/EU). The data stored includes the following:

  • Configuration of app and screens (not sensitive)
  • Media and articles (potentially sensitive)
  • Usernames (potentially sensitive)
  • Cached content from other services such as SharePoint (partially sensitive)

Media and articles added directly to Replay is saved in Azure (Azure Storage and Cosmos DB) and encrypted in transit and at rest according to best practices.

Cached content from other services is temporarily saved in Cosmos DB for performance reasons and is automatically cleared within an hour. As such it is not classified as permanently stored in IntraActive Replay.

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